Arpeggiator ?

Hello ! I’ m ready for change my DAW ableton to your, I have tested your software this weekend but I doesn’t found a arpeggiator plug-in or fonction ?

there is nothing close to a full features built-in arpeggiator in Renoise.

the only thing about arpeggio is the 00xy command, where x and y are the number of semitones to add to the fundamental note into a 3-steps arpeggio:

C-4 01 0047  

will play C-4, E-4 and G-4 in sequence each tick

Ok its a manual arpeggiator, perfect !

Thank’you !


it’s pretty basic i’d say. it depends on the lpb set so you might have to change the lpb with the F1XX-command and render it to wav if you like to work with higher lpbs.

Don’t frighten the newb now guys…

I understand that its needed to use more brain power with this sequencer :D

oh, i didn’t mean that it’s pretty basic as in “it’s a no-brainer” but more like that the arpeggio function is rather limitied or whatever. i’m pretty new to renoise too, btw.

how will the arpeggio work if we get a “zoom lpb” function btw?

I just remember I have a Numerology licence and there is a arpeggiator & chord sequence, do you know tis possible to control Renoise by a another midi sequencer ?

Maybe with ReWire, but I don’t know much about that. :(

theres a new tool in 2,6 beta,that works ok

sure. rewire or midi clock is possible and works. both ways, renoise to num and num to renoise.
via the virtual midi bus you’re able to control EVERYTHING from e.g. renoise (midi cc - device).
sometimes you have to make some patches with cv/midi -tools in the routing- stack.
but with version 2.6 (beta now) there will be osc and that will be also in num.3 →

this will be a nice combo.

Thank everybody for your answer, I would test it later when arpeggio is needed B)