HI i think that will be Renoise better if will include ARPEGIATOR with notes import… Like TRITON… It can be part of sample library…

the new RNI format should have something like that, without the ability to import any other arpeggiator format (but you could still make a converter, since the RNI format will be public), but I think it could result in something a lot more interesting than any other external arpeggiator.

Let’s wait for next beta version to see more

yeah that was what i loved about triton’s ft3… but for now i have synth1 to arp with. love that synth. :)


btw: it-alien -> things can get easy is really nice music man… :expressionless:

You know that you can arp with the pitch envelope of the RNI sample based part?
It’s a lot of more work, but at least you can create arps with individual tones and each tone their individual length…

(maybe i should record that trick in the advanced RTV (Renoise Tutorial Video)

Hey, and how about arps with multiple samples? e.g. amen break divided into 16 samples in an instrument, and the option to trigger a seperate sample for each arp note.

Yes…there are times when it’s a blast when implementing arpeggio sequences on percussion kits. Seriously, every now and again I strike gold with that ol’ trick