Arrangement Category Trees

Hi guys, I hope this graphic works… Its basically category trees for the patterns… like folder categories… or obviously on wordpress or drupal, things go into trees and stuff… the patterns would than collapse into their category or something… this allows you to take a block of patterns and group them in a new and interesting way

Thank you, cheers

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Could you elaborate some more, I’m somewhat lost. What do the white rectangles with the titles “v1 part 1” and “v2 part 2” mean?

Hi… Ok, they actually stand for, “verse one, and verse two.” In the example, 1 pattern = 1 bar. this basically allows a new way to group blocks of patterns together, without having to, “combine pattern.”


there’s a few reasons I don’t want to combine pattern

Aaah… Okay, now I get it… maybe. Do you mean that the rectangles point to 4x4 -sized matrix block areas? Like so that the first ‘block of patterns’ would be patterns 1-4 and tracks 1-4, and the second ‘block of patterns’ would be patterns 8-11 and tracks 1-4?

If this is what you mean, then I can instantly see some problems with it. For one: what happens if a track is added to the middle of the ‘block of patterns’? And what happens if a pattern is added to the middle of the ‘block of patterns’. (I’m using ‘block of patterns’ in lack of a better description)

If I understood this correctly, then it sounds very hard to implement… But maybe I got it wrong?

The blocks and patterns match though… my graphic design ability sucks ass!!! I should have rectangl’ed the whole thing… All tracks and all patterns would be grouped together… I’m sorry though, cause I really screwed that up… but this is not what I was thinking


So… Right now in Renoise we have the ability to title sections… what I am looking for is a way we could have, “sub sections.” forget my rectangles… :slight_smile: obviously I screwed that up…

But how about… In twelve bar blues… 12/4 = 3… in, “extremely basic,” 12 bar blues, you have bars ( 1 - 4 ) built using the tonic, and bars (5 - 8) use the subtonic and (9 - 12) use the supertonic… so in Renoise if you are doing a twelve bar turnaround, than you are going to have a segment of patterns that may look like this

but my idea, would allow for a hierarchy of name’d pattern segments… just like wordpress categories… but if you add a new track, it shows up in the same way it does now… nothing changes about tracks, or how anything like that works…

but you would be able to group the repeating pattern, into verse, chorus, etc, without having to combine patterns… there are many advantages to not combining patters…



Ok, I’m starting to understand what you mean a little better… Have you seen the ReNoam-tool? If not, could you check the thread out and tell If that is anywhere close to the idea you are describing? I’m just trying to get what you mean a little better.

The tool is a bit bizarre, I never quit got the hang of it, but if I understood what f+d+k did there was a tool with which you can define your song structure by using a free, text based approach. A bit like below (nevermind the syntax, i never understood it… :P)(also nevermind the structure, i’m just whipping something up as I go)

song = A1 B1 A2 B2 C

A1 = verse bridge
B1 = chorus
A2 = verse verse bridge
B2 = chorus chorus
C = bridge end


I think the ReNoam tool gets pretty close to what you mean, but I’m not sure.

The renoam tool is a tool to help write patterns… :slight_smile: I’m not sure if that’s it. What I am saying is more about pattern containers… for pattern sections. The manual calls the ability to name parts, “sections.”

what I was thinking would be interesting is to have a way to group the sections… I do not think a tool can do this, as I think this is more of a, “behind the scenes, thing, the dev team would have to do.” if there was any interest ofcourse… obviously, this is not a demand… this is just something I noticed working on my latest project over the last couple of nights…

Let’s take house music, cause it will make this way easy… Let’s pretend our house music song starts off with 16 bars kick drum only so the dj can mix… + 16 bars kick + clap + 16 bars kick + clap + bass, and 16 bars with kick clap bass + hat

I know this is silly, but pretend this is just the intro… even though that is 64 bars… example of the Renoise project file…

Each of the pattern sections, are actually part of an, “intro,” to a house song… each of these sections… could go into a contain, “a folder pattern, a group pattern.”

AH! A pattern group!

each pattern section should be part of a pattern group… we have already, “pattern section.” so I am just speculating, “group sections.”

It just came to me last night… as I was arranging my latest track…


Edit = the image below

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Okay, now I get it! :D Sorry, was a bit thick today…

Yeah, it seems like a worthwile idea. Like a way to organize the sequence more. Yep. Add collapsible sections and I’m all for it! :)

Pattern groups, yeah! Thumbs up for this!

ReNoam is for generating new pattern sequences from existing patterns, it can’t do this realtime grouping. (Uh-oh, I had so much more ideas for ReNoam, but lacking the time. If I have some time, I’d rather do some tracking…)