Arranging Samples And Mac Keyboard Shortcuts


i am a 100% newb… well, maybe 98%. i used to use trackers on the amiga way back in the day and i’ve regained interest due to renoise.

i apologize if my questions are covered somewhere, but there is actually a lot of renoise information out there.

keeping in mind that i use os x, my questions are as follows:

  1. i have downloaded a lot of samples and they’re all dumped in to one directory (/samples, say). i need to organize them in to like /samples/drums/drumloops, /samples/drums/bass drums, /samples/synths/pads, /samples/bass/bassline loops, etc.

my issue lies in the way i do this. it takes waaaay too long. what i need is to be able to click on the sample to select it AND audition it in the same action, then drag it to move it to its directory. i believe that’s the fastest i can make it, but OS X doesn’t audition samples automatically (as far as i know), so i need to add an additional step (press play on the preview in finder). it seems that renoise itself should be able to handle this, but i find that when i audition a file in renoise in the browser, i can’t just drag it to the directory i want it to move to.

this is probably too wordy, right? i’m sure you all have had this issue and at least some of you use the fastest solution all the time.

  1. Is there a list of Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts? it’s only a problem because they are not the obvious, universal equivalents.

once again, i apologize if i’m asking questions that have been answered.

thank you in advance for your time,


well, alright, i did find those, through experimentation.

i might point out that this is a beginners board. if you aren’t prepared to answer beginner questions, why don’t you lurk in more advanced sections of the forum? petty, to say the least. you didn’t even bother offering a solution. there is a lot of documentation for renoise, and as i said, i’m a complete noob. since i don’t particularly want to start a flame on here, that’s all i have to say on the subject.

next time, instead of being childish and wasting your time with a post like that, perhaps you could have answered the more difficult question i asked?


yes, as i have said, i found the solution to the keyboard shortcuts

the real trouble i have is finding the most efficient way to sort samples in to their respective directories. perhaps this is a problem not addressed in renoise or maybe i just don’t know the software well enough (i’ve only been using it for 48 hours.) at the moment i have been selecting the sample in renoise to preview it and then using finder to drag and drop to the correct folder. this is extremely time consuming.

the fastest method would seem to be if renoise could just allow you to move the file from the browser it’s got in to the folder. since that isn’t the case, what do you do? there’s a lot of mouse moving that shouldn’t be needed the way i’m doing it. am i missing something?

certainly sample moving is a common problem when using renoise (or any other sample based software) i really just want to know how you all do this as quickly as possible as i don’t think that my solution is the most elegant.

thanks in advance,

I sort my samples using Finder.

Finder -> View -> As Columns

Expand the window, navigate with the arrows, when you hit a sample, the preview window has a quicktime player.

A second finder window (File -> New finder window) and some good use of the Command-` and F9-F10-F11 keys, ready to go.

Using finder and renoise, in conjunction, is not a crime.

thank you for the response, conner.

this is pretty much what i’ve been doing. so it’s not really a renoise issue, i guess. i do, however, see a utility in this. i’m going to try to write a script to take care of this. it probably wouldn’t be that hard to make a util that will display the samples and let you click+drag to the new directory as you audition the sample. that should save a lot of time. unless you know a way to audition the sample in quicktime without having to move over to the play slider? i know it sounds lazy or whatever, but that one motion and moving the mouse back to the sample and then dragging takes a lot of time.

with just the 2000 samples i have, that one motion takes about 2000(samples)*3(sec/per/motion)=6000(sec)/60(sec/per/min)=100 minutes. that’s assuming you go as fast as you can. excuse any bad math, i just woke up.

so, i think it’s a valid idea to shorten this process. i know this is a minor issue and we’ve probably done it to death already, but doesn’t ANYONE have this problem? i suppose the best solution is to save them to the proper directory in the first place, but sometimes i get samples in unsorted bunches and i think finding a nice solution to the problem would be better than spending hours moving samples around.

my thinking is that Automator should be able to handle this, if not in Tiger, than the update in Leopard.

i didn’t know those commands, though, so that’s going to save mousey movements right there. thank you again.

everyone be happy, now,