Arturia Keystep 37 linux help

Hello everybody i hope everything is well.So i got the Arturia Keystep 37 and i am trying to get the arpeggiator to work with vst but i cant get it to work.Renoise recognised it i can use it like a regular midi controller,mapping things ok chord mode ok.Anyone have this baby and using it in linux?Any other tips are welcomed and I am on solus os

Using Windows, the arp works without issue.
One thing that may be an issue is: ‘Play’ must be pressed (on ks37) for the arpeggiator to run.


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Yes you are right thanks but how to record the arpeggio?Is it possible?

I have installed the Renoise tool “Start Recording on Note Input” for this.

First go to options and turn on the tool.
Then press the ‘record’ button.
Next the input an arp on the ks37, the arpeggios will record as notes in the pattern.

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Man you are a life saver thank you!!!Do share any other tips if you like i am sure many other people use this controller with Renoise and could be helpful.

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Both the Keystep 37 and the Renoise tool listed above are super-excellent tools!
Thanks to the creaters of those!

One tip to share is using the ‘pattern’ arp mode on the ks37, set a pattern length, then press a key or two,
and the keyboard will create a pattern automatically, thats cool; then press the same key(s) as before,
and it will create a random progression… fun!

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SWeeeeeeeeeet!!!I will be having fun with this midi controller