Arturia KEYSTEP arpeggiator - Sync to Renoise BPM?

I have a found a couple of posts on this, but not satisfying responses. I cannot get Keystep arpeggiator to work or sync to Renoise instrument VST or real midi instrument.

Keystep is set to USB clock sync on the back, works great play notes, but local arpeggiator or sequencer do nothing it seems. Wish I could get the arpeggiator to work with Renoise. Setup is pretty simple:

/ ------------- USB ----- KEYSTEP
\ --------------MIDIOUT----------MIDI IN to C64 -----MIDI THRU ------to ----MIDI IN–SP-404SX

Thanks for any ideas.

Is your goal to also record rest notes and step-length?
I’ve only ever been able to record direct midi-in to renoise tracks, and afaik, there is not a way to enter empty notes/rows without manually entering them with the keyboard. I can only fill a column with notes with an external arpeggiator after setting the note/step length to 50% or so.
I’m also considering the new keystep37, so a solution to sync these two would be rad.
I’ve actually been thinking about creating a puredata patch that outputs qwerty keyboard commands instead of midi for entering sequences.

Well " record rest notes and step-length " - that sounds like the sequencer mode in the keystep, which i have only a little experience with, seems a little clumsy to punch-in your rests after play a sequence of note, but I a complete noob to stand alone sequencers / looper work flow - probably just me.

I’m into the arpeggiator thing, and will get a time down (just 2-3 notes) and then manually try to match the tempo in Renoise to match. Inevitably it goes out of sync. But so cool when they are together.

In one experiment I have had the 37 key step hooked up via midi-in (no usb) and I could get both the sequencer or arpeggiator mode to respond to midi clock, but that went kind of bananas in a bad way - LOL! So I’ll keep reading / experimenting.

I’m like an old school Amiga tracker guy. Oh! maybe I should try the 37 key step with the Amiga, just midi. Hmm

Dang Proto new keystep 37 looks pretty badass for 169.00 ish bucks - damn, now I want that.