Asa Forma-8 - Free Formant Filter

Forma-8 is a free formant filter which can morph between Vowels using 4 corners of a XY pad, this allows for you to make a range of human sounding effects on whatever you are applying too, there is also a modulation knob which allows you to mix in the amount used and this can make shaking gated effect as it modulates the internal filters. There are also resonance and mix controls which can allow you to apply the effect less powerfully and have just a bit of the effect if you wish. As well as the vowel selection you have a choice of spoken and sung types and male and female genders so you can have more choice than simpler range sweeping formant filters.

Flang-3R is a free 6 band stereo flanger effect, You have control over the modulation with the standard osc shapes and Sample and Hold also. Theres feedback which brings out the sound more and dampening and mix if you want just a slight effect and shift to adjust the tone. Theres 3 different modes for the speed controls and you can sync the modulation, use linked control amounts or adjust the left and right separately.

Hope they are useful :D

what the !!! that sounds awesome. i’ll mess with it soon!

yeah saw this on kvr, cheers!

it LOOKS the shizzle, we’ll see if it can HANDLE the shizzle as soon as I get home :)

Thanks for this!

Thanks everyone, i edited the first post and theres now the info for a new stereo flanger effect that i just released :)

not for mac :(

No mac versions sorry, hopefully in the future sometime though :)

I’m having lots of fun with my korg’s little xy joystick on the formant filter! Thanks for the marvellous freebie - by far the most useable one I’ve come across yet!

Thanks Atomsplitter!