Asio And Windows 7

I don’t know if there is a solution to this but…
When using the ASIO4ALL drivers, I can only use one music based app at any one time.

If I’m working in Renoise, I can’t use any media player to play audio files or use another music application (such as MED) to play.

I can switch to Directsound but then I get all the pops ‘n’ clicks with the VSTs etc.

Nor can I use my mic.

I’ve unchecked the ‘allow applications to take exclusive control of this device’ but no joy.

Is there a way to use the ASIO drivers for moe than one application? (Creative ASIO drivers seem to work ok for this but at massively reduced quality)

In windows, I sometimes use two soundcards. An asio dedicated to music, and another to share among other apps. Afaik, there is not a way around it.

Thought not.
I suppose I can work with Directsound during composition as long as I switch to ASIO on render.

Surely it makes zero difference what you use when rendering as that is done internally, within the PC, no? Driver only makes a difference with sending it to the soundcard I though. Rendering is done offline (non-real time) generally. Could well be wrong though, and if you do any external processing of course this becomes very important.

Awesome! I was never sure of this and couldn’t find any difference between ASIO and DS recorded tracks.
This is great info!