Asio Driver Issues?

I use Renoise with my M-audio Firewire 410 and M-audio’s ASIO driver. I have a specific issue in Renoise (not ableton, not protools, not any other package i have) where line in devices simply stop taking input after a while, forcing me to quit renoise altogether and start it back up to get the next few minutes of audio. In addition, after this problem occurs, opening the preferences window will freeze the software for an extended period, sometimes terminally forcing a ctrl-alt-delete quit.

I checked out the log.txt, and it looks as though it’s constantly re-initializing the ASIO driver over and over after Renoise has completely initialized.

Also, if i open the control panel for the soundcard, it becomes fiercely unresponsive under Renoise, failing to show levels, giving me several seconds of lag on button presses.

Is this driver related, or a Renoise issue? As aforementioned, none of these problems in Ableton.

This is pretty critical for me right now, as i want to use external vocoder as an insert effect (a track routed to a separate out on the sound card, piped through the vocoder, and back into renoise through a line in device).
If i can’t get this kind of setup working, i’m literally screwed. I’ve bought the FW410 and the vocoder for a great deal of money, and it’d be incredibly sad to see it reduced to live only use.

So my question is; is this typically an issue with the ASIO driver? Should i use ASIO4All instead of the supplied driver? :( I’m pretty desperate

I don’t know for sure, keep your fingers crossed anyway, the next version of Renoise has a change in device approach which might also fix this problem.

And when in time might this release be intended? :)

i had the same problem and eperienced for about 2 months
but one day i found what was wrong

asio couldn work whit my soundcard then its set as defoult playback and recording device
i changed defoult device to integrated soundcard and problem disapierd

maybe its the same problem thit your card

I hope before the end of this year, but as serumas more or less describes: the devices are being reserved once Renoise is started. So using your internal soundcard as your recording device and your M-audio card as your playback device (or vice versa) may be your temporary workaround for the time being.

Well that means no ASIO, and that means i might as well not have got the soundcard in the first place. Which is lamesauce. Oh well.