Asio For Output, Direct Sound (Usb Mic) For Input

I’ve got a really nice SAMSON usb mic. but I can’t use it if I want to use ASIO as output via my fine soundcard.

As it is now, if I want to do some simple recording with my mic in renoise I have to switch to Direct Sound then select my USB mic in the list for input. Do the recording of a sample. Then switch back to ASIO for my soundcard when I want to continue do stuff. Because obviously ASIO is superior ;)
It really has to be possible to run multiple devices at same time. One for input and a different one for output. Because I can run for example Mumble and talk with friends while listening to music in renoise. So it really has to be possible to implement. So I’m basically requesting this feature. Obviously it might not have been implemented yet due to extra hazzle. But I just feel it would be nice to have.