Asio I/o Renaming

Hi guys,

I used to have my ASIO I/O setup in a way that I saw the names of the actual in- and outputs. A while back things changed (don’t ask me what), and now I only see ‘ASIO in 1&2’, ‘ASIO in 3&4’, etc. Did I change a setting in Renoise, or did I fuck something up in my EMU software?

As highlighted in this picture, you can see I renamed the channel strips at the bottom:

However, the inputs in Renoise just show this:

Just like the outputs only show this:

I did not change any names. I didn’t update my soundcard/mixer software. Stuff just suddenly went POOF a few months back, and I only bothered to ask about it now.

The card I’m using is an EMU 1616m, I’m running W7 64-bit.

I hope anyone can help,

Cheers :)

How do they show in Renoise 32-bit? Are you sure the change occured months back or just after you started using Renoise 64-bit?

I’ve checked and found when it changed. The ASIO renaming works in Renoise 2.6, but stopped working in 2.7. Must be a Renoise change :)

(Pretty blue colours :w00t: )

If this happens with 32bit renoise then try to reboot computer or reload the EMU Patch Mixer. Then start Renoise again.
I’ve had this problem a few times with an EMU card.

x64 bit version have never worked properly. So this is most likely a EMU driver problem, and not renoise.

I can’t get it to work in versions later than 2.6. However, 2.6 works without any hassle. How can this not be a Renoise issue?

EMU drivers and EMU support in general sux :)
Did you try to reboot?
I have testet x64 bit alpha versions of renoise earlier then 2.8. Always had this naming problem then.
32bit I have not had any problems with. Except a few times with 2.8 (but never with 2.7) where I just needed to reboot or reload some EMU settings.

So yes, there could be something with renoise, but certainly it would not mean that the EMU drivers does not sux anymore and is the main cause of the problem.

I agree, EMU drivers generally very bad :)

I haven’t got it to work yet, and I have tried about everything now. I guess I’ll just give up. It’s not that important anyway.

Thanks for the help nevertheless!