Asio In The New Betas (Renoise 2.8 - 64Bit)

I got a HUGE problem. I have since re-installed the drivers and tested the card in numerous ways and times but the problem seems to be with the new releases. When i open the 2.7 everythings fine and i get my regular 4800 sample rate but it disallows my ASIO in all the new release beta’s that have come out!..anyone have any ideas how i can help this? I’m on Windows 7 ultimate. Thanks!

What kind of soundcard do you have?

Try using the 32bit versions of Renoise. Probably your drivers are not supporting ASIO in 64 bit.

But before you do that, check the website of the manufacturer. Maybe you can download newer drivers that help you out.
And if you can’t find anything and you still want to use 64 bit version of Renoise ASIO4ALL could help you out.

Thanks Taktik I would of over looked that simple fact forever. That makes séance to. I never really knew drivers are effected vs bit the sound card I currently have is an EMU 0404 PCI-e if this helps and others built or know tricks PLEASE share…

Honestly it took EM-U a shit fuck long time to finally listen to the 100000 people saying intact the vista driver is no fix for 7, annoyed they released a beta so they wouldn’t be accountable (this was 2 years ago+) so I’m guessing there is no intact 64 support! I’m seeing this! It’s nice and works fine but I want reliability!

I’ll check when I get In, sure hope they do and I’m the noob Kus I swear Renoise x64 bit worked for me earlier then nothing but frustration since…


ASIO really needs true 64-bit drivers.
My former soundcard was a terratec Dmx6 fire, a very great card but the manufacturer decided to only modify their 32-bit drivers to run in a 64-bit environment, but the drivers themselves were still behaving 32-bit (and that didn’t ran smooth).
Made the decision to continue and get another soundcard.