ASIO issues since 3.0 b7

Hello! I’ve been using Renoise for a while and following the latest betas, but since b7, I’ve had to reinitalize ASIO many times to get stereo output. The normal pattern is that it will go from no sound at all, to only playing in the left ear, to only playing in the right ear to finally playing in stereo, after many attempts. I have a Creative Audigy 2 ZS soundcard, and am using the PAX audio drivers for Windows 8 64bit. This definately wasn’t happening before, and it’s a real pain!

When using ASIO, you’ll see an option in Renoise’s audio preferences labelled “Limit to stereo in/out”.

If this option is disabled, can you try enabling it to see if it helps? It should force Renoise to only use the main stereo output of your audio interface.

Otherwise, maybe there’s some stuff you can tweak in the PAX driver settings?

I often do toggle the “Limit to Stereo” tickbox, and sometimes it helps, sometimes, it doesn’t, it’s a similar level of crapshoot. PAX doesn’t really have any settings, it’s simply the official driver patched up to work on newer versions of windows, and improve the audio quality and bass response. I’ll try the creative control panel, but ASIO works fine in other DAWs such as Ableton!