Asio Not Working (Problems With Asio4All)

Hi guys, I’ve been trying all day to get ASIO working. I’ve never dealt with audio drivers before so I’m having a pretty rough time.

I’m using ASIO4all. When I switch to ASIO and play my music, on the screen the music looks like its playing normally, but no sound is coming out of my laptop.

My laptop is a 32-bit lenovo T400 thinkpad on Vista. I’m not sure but I think it has a conexant sound card.

When I open up the ASIO4all control panel, it says all my devices are available, even while I’m trying to play my music. When I’m using Direct Sound, the master track gets routed to “Primary Sound Device”, but when I use ASIO the master track gets routed to “HD Audio digital out 1 & 2”.

Here’s the log file:

DirectSound: Stop Polling…
DirectSound: Releasing Primary Sound Device…

ASIO: Initializing
ASIO: Trying to open ‘ASIO4ALL v2’
ASIO: LoadAsioDriver … OK
ASIO: Using SampleRate 44100
ASIO: PostOutput is not supported
ASIO: FillDriverInfo … OK
ASIO: InputBuffers: 2 available, 2 selected - Type 18
ASIO: OutputBuffers: 6 available, 2 selected - Type 18
ASIO: OutputLatency: 720, InputLatency: 708
ASIO: CreateBuffers … OK
ASIO: Up and running

Also, when I switch to ASIO in Renoise, sound stops working for all my other applications too.

I tried downloading the latest updates for my sound card drivers but that didn’t fix it. I also tried disabling my SPDIF interface but that didn’t do it either.

I’d appreciate any help you guys could give me.

Setting up ASIO4All can be quite an adventure. When your soundcard only has on output (or better said you are only using one output), first make sure you’ve disabled/deselected all others in ASIO4All in “expert mode”. It will else try to run the SPDIF and analog outputs together, which quite likely will cause troubles, and also conflict with the systems output. Also try disabling all inputs first until you get things working. When changing something in the ASIO control panel, you may also want to try to “reset” the driver in Renoise to test your changes. To do so hit the “Reinitialize” button in Renoises audio preferences pane.

If this does not help, then please have a look at the ASIO4All forums and Help/FAQ section for more details. Its very likely that this is a problem in the ASIO4All configuration and not in Renoise.