ASIO problems!

Hello fellow Renoisers, being trying to sus out a little niggle I have with renoise…on startup it wont load ASIO by default although it tries! everytime i want ASIO working again I have to go into preferences and choose ASIO and reset, its been like this a while… I’m using an audio 6 NI komplete usb audio interface, anyone help ?

Hey, not sure if this will help but I was getting the same with my Scarlett 2i2. I fixed it by changing my windows audio settings to the same as the audio format as the ASIO settings (44khz in my case). I am using the scarlett as my only audio output device, so I assumed it was something to do with it trying to grab exclusive control…or something :)

thanks for the speedy reply, cant seem to find where to adjust sample rate of internal card!not using asio4all btw (I’m not sure if you can use that with an external card)

offtopic maybe, but after years of no updates, recently asio4all has been updated;

Thanks for this! I couldn’t get the Scarlett 2i2 driver to initialise at anything other than 44Khz before, now it’s working up to 96Khz perfectly. I guess ASIO4all does work with external stuff and the basic Focusrite driver is crap. :rolleyes:

I have a 2i2 and I’ve never had any problems with their drivers. I really think it would be worth getting it to work rather than use ASIO4ALL, so you can still use audio in other applications.

Did you install the drivers from the disk or download the latest ones from the website?

hi yep, downloaded from the website (win7 64-bit). Just downloaded them again and re-installed them to be sure. About in the driver says:

ASIO Driver Version: 2.5.1(Debug
WDM Driver Version: (Debug)

I get a Visual c++ runtime error when trying to change to sample rates above 44khz. “Assertion Failed! Expression: pRenPin”. Maybe it’s a conflict with creative asio drivers which was what I had before.

Yeah could be, I did have an issue once before when I first got my 2i2 and didn’t uninstall my old interface’s drivers first. I’d try uninstalling all ASIO drivers then reinstalling the 2i2’s.

just thought I’d let you all know that i managed to sort my problem out, going in a manually deleting all the ASIO drivers and reinstalling from disk, cheers peoples