[asio Routing] How To Split 1x Stereo Into 2x Mono

Hi there,

I’m using a M-Audio Delta1010 wich has 4 stereo outputs. It’s really easy to assign a stereo out to a tracker channel, but is it also possible to split a stereo channel in mono channels, so I can route a mono sound to delta out 1 instead of delta 1+2?

Now I’m panning a sound to left en right so I can use the stereo pair as two mono channels, but when using effects, this is not always to handy.

In Cubase it’s no problem, you can choose to use 8 mono channels or 4 stereo channels, or a combination like 2 stereo and 4 mono. But in Cubase there are a lots of other problems :)


Anybody out there? :mellow:

If nobody understands my question, please tell me. Maybe my English is not as good as I think. Thanks!

I believe only the in devices can be split on right or left channel yet.
But i would pan the track to one side, then try to use the stereo expander to monaurize that channel and send it to 1+2.
Or use a sendtrack on the route to out 1+2


I’m using Delta 1010 lt also… Could you please tell me a little more specifically what you are trying to achieve with this splitting stuff to mono? Maybe I can help… Been twiddling with this routing stuff too lately alot…

When I want to assign/route a renoisetrack to my delta output I can only choose from delta 1+2, delta 3+4, delta 5+6, delta 7+8. But since most of my samples are mono, I would like to choose from: delta 1, delta 2, delta 3, delta 4, delta 5, delta 6, delta 7, delta 8

So instead of choosing from 4 stereo outputs I wan’t to choose from 8 mono outputs or a combination like 2 stereo outputs and 4 mono outputs. In Cubase SX this is no problem, what about Renoise?

At the moment I’m panning a track completely to the left and assign it to delta 1+2 and pan another track completely to the right and assign it to delta 1+2, this way I have 2 mono outputs, but working with stereo i.e. reverbs gives problems this way.

Does this also troubles when you explicitely send the panned signal to a send-channel first before sending it to the delta 1+2?
So i mean: you split your sample on the track by panning it out, then send it to a sendtrack and perform the (reverb) fx on the sendtrack instead and send the output from the sendtrack to your delta 1+2.

That’s a lot of routing for a simple output assignment. Well if there’s is no other way, I will do it with panning only.

Thanks for the answers.

Still wondering: Is this a Renoise issue or a Delta1010 issue? Is this something that should be implemented in Renoise or in my M-Audio driver?