Asio Stereo Recording

i recently got hold of a microkorg which i want to use alongside renoise (ofc).
i hooked it up to the analogue 1/4" balanced inputs (L/R) of my EMU1212m.
each 1/4" input represents a dedicated ASIO input device, so in renoise, i got the problem that when recording, i have to either decide to record from the left or the right signal, but stereo seems impossible.

am i missing something or am i doomed to mono recording from within renoise?
using wavelab, it’s not problem at all, since i can select various inputs at the same time.

to give some further illustration on how it looks in my soundcard’s software, here’s a screenshot showing the two mono inputs, which together make up one stereo input.

Two ways.

  1. Use a stereo strip and not mono strips in the Emu mixer.
    If this is not possible:
  2. Use the AUX in the Emu mixer.
    Put a “Send to ASIO Host” device there.


  1. there are no stereo strips for mono inputs.
  2. this works, thanks-a-lot!

I have Emu 1820m, and I can make all input either stereo or mono.
I’m using new beta drivers though that got enhanced in that matter.
Try delete the mono strips and add again. See if you can pair them.