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hello! i´m a new baked REGISTERED renoise-user. after one year that i used renoise as an unregistered version i thought it´d be time for being honest and BUY this great program. my question for now is, why i cannot activate the ASIO-driver in renoise? i know that it functions in cubase and nuendo. the sign that ist shown up, when i want to activate ASIO says that i´ll have to check if my soundcard supports ASIO or if ASIO is used by another application. what shall i do?

thx in advance

grx: d.

looks like another application is using your ASIO driver. This is not possible in most of the soundcards. Are you sure that Renoise is the only audio application accessing your ASIO driver when you select it?

What soundcard do you have?

i have very old DMX Fire 126, but in cubase and Nueondo ASIO is supported.

I already had the feeling it was this… (You probably mean DMX 6 Fire 24/96)
The Terratec driver is not really very well responsive.
If you used the ASIO driver and closed the application that used it, you have to wait for a minute or two before the driver gets fully released. (you can easily test this by checking if you can open a YouTube movie without getting sound problems and playback problems) If you open up an application that wants to access the driver when it has not being released yet, you get error messages or crashes. Crashes depend on which driver you use, the most safest bet is with the info here: