Hi guys
I have bought terratec phase 26
installed all drivers
Try tio run renoise via asio but it dont work?
i am nube in this)
thanks :drummer:

ASIO has always been a pain in the ass with Terratec-Cards. I am the prowd owner of a Terratec Aureon Space 7.1 and it sometimes works with asio (although the drivers are not released after using asio) and sometimes not. It is not a renoise-problem, other apps refuse to work as well.

You might try to install a beta-driver for your card which can be found at the terratec-site. I made the problem be not as big as before by installing 64bit-drivers on a 32bit-windows which are beta, too.

Terratec’s hardware is always great but the software just sucks.

goofy question: are you using the regged version?

regged version of renoise you mean?)
then yes) i have regged version.
I know that demo dont support asio.
But it problem is not only in renoise)
in buzz asio dont work to. its sucks and i dont know what to do now(

next thing i’d certainly do is to contact the terratec tech support.
if all fails, i’d sell that damn card or get the refund for returning it (if possible).

ok i will do that)) thanks for advice
and question what usb soundcard is nice?
in price near 250 usd?

and nub question please give me link to read about ASIO

i heard several good things about this - requires a firewire connection though:…iointerface.htm

if you only got USB, then i’d recommend this (also only based on what i’ve heard/read)…iointerface.htm

info concerning ASIO:

wikipedia is always a good start. check buttom for external links on that matter.

what about emu 0404 usb?