Asio4All Buffersize Won't Go Lower..

Hi there!
I want to record my electric drumkit by just plugging the headphones out of the kit into my laptop input (renoise!)
ASIO4ALL is helping me so far but I’ve got one problem; the buffersize won’t go any lower than 512 samples, which is just to much for drumming.

I can move the slider down 512 samples but renoise won’t register it. I cán go above 512. Weird, innit? I can’t find any info about it so I hope someone here can help me out…

Press the “Reinitialize” button in Renoise after adjusting the buffer size.

Also it’s much better idea to use direct monitoring anyway. Either use a mixer, an external audio interface with monitoring support or something like that:

That didn’t work. I found the problem though.
I use an USB interface since the plastic jackport in my laptop is broken. Apparently using the micro thing as audio output made the buffer size get stuck at 512 samples. I fiddled around a bit and it’s working fairly solid now with the jack pressed firmly in my laptop.

I’m not at home and didn’t bring my firewire interface so this will have to do for now, thanks for the reaction anyway!