asiomulti distortion problem

I’ve been trying to use Renoise and Audiomulch together using Asiomulti and Renoise makes that well-known bitcrush-type distorted sound. I tried Asiomulti running Ableton and Audiomulch at the same time; It works. Renoise with Asio4all works well too. So, did anyone ever try to use Asiomulti with Renoise?

I don’t have audiomulch, but i can’t reproduce problems when running Renoise with other 32-bit ASIO hosts. You are running the 32-bit version of the both Renoise and Audiomulch right?
This driver comes with quite a few extraordinary hints about how to use them. One of them is about setting the buffers etc. I guess also check if the playing frequency and bitrate is correct when using other hosts.

64-bit.I realized I was using my old version of Renoise 2.5 but with 2.8, the asio client doesn’t show up anymore, only asio4all. So, I guess I’ll keep using my other driver. It was mainly because of latency. I was using Virtualbox for music but I installed Windows as my main OS and I don’t even have to adjust the latency anymore. It couldn’t be tighter, I’m really stoked! thanks anyways!

64-bit will never work when mixing it into 32 bit it is a thing that you suffer in all 32-bit applications that gets confronted with this overlap in the 64-bit area. Like using Camtasia Studio to record Renoise 64-bit, the outcome sounds exactly like playing through blown up speakers as Renoise 64-bit also seems to use 64-bit Directsound drivers. And i didn’t expected DirectX to be 64-bit.