Assembly'09 Entry (my First Ever Renoise Song)


I just started trying renoise for the first time this summer, and the test track
I was building in the process got qualified from the ~50 tunes into the
finals at Assembly main music competition. Well, it ended up only 14th but I had no slightest hope
even to get qualified in the first place with my “novice” tune :D


(ah crap, if doesn’t work just dl from

So as this was my first non-Amiga track ever, I was quite lost with Renoise + VST effects.
I had used just a few of them, then my friend BitArts took the song and did the mastering, adding around
50 (!!!) dsp-effects, creating new channels for drums/solosounds mastering etc…
Well he helped a lot indeed to get the final sound, and this mp3 is the result of that.

-DJ Joge

Oh yeah, forgot in the initial post: Please write some comments if you have any :) Even the hardest criticism is welcome, I know that even though I pretty much (after nearly 20 years) master everything in Amiga-ProTracker world but in Renoise I am as green as one can be :D

I only managed to listen to a few tunes, but this would have beaten them all easily. I really like the clear sounds and relaxing melody.