Assign Instrument To Specific Track

hi all,

i have searched for a topic regarding my question but couldn’t find it. if there is a topic or maybe a tool about it please let me know and i will join that topic :)

when i am working with renoise i make separate channels for every instrument. but when i am using the tab-knop to jump to next track the instrument stays the same. it is a funny and sometimes usufull feature to listen how the sample would sound on the differen fx-chains offcourse. but more often i would like that when i change channels also the instrument gets selected that i use in the specific channel.

is there a way to connect certain tracks/channels to specific instruments ? if not this would be a great new feature to be able to assign per track to which instrument it should connect :)

Try enabling Auto Capture Nearest Instrument from the Option tab.

It is far from perfect and there is a Tool around somewhere that does improve it a little (capturing even if there is no notes in current pattern for eg.)

(Why is there nothing at all come up from searching tutorials.renoise for capture nearest/instrument??)

Main Menu > Options > Auto Capture Instrument From Pattern

Give this a try. This will automatically select the instrument that has been used in each track when you navigate around the pattern.

Edit: Beaten to the punch :)

Sweet! I never knew there was such a function and I never knew that needed on like that until now when I read about it!

I personally don’t like the Auto option and rather use Shift+Enter when I want to manually change to the Instrument in the Track manually without looking at Instrument number and scrolling through the list ;)

Because the only available definition can be found in the keyboard shortcut reference files and those aren’t included in the search index.

Would of thought there would be a description of every entry in the drop down menus in the manual (tutorials.renoise) pages…

Is the pdf down until 2.7 documentation is complete or is it a broken link?

great thanks for both tips! will try both tonight :)

The PDF is probably being regenerated. Last changes have been made to the manual by me based upon notifications from several folks that checked the blanks and old.
Í don’t know about the text updates, that is no longer my authorisation.

YEAH MAN thanks for this shortcut! this is also a quick way of selecting the correct instrument for me now, hope to find the tool you are talking about that will select it even if there is no note in the specific pattern your on at that moment.