Assign lfo to trigger instrument

Well I’m not sure how to explain this .is there anyway to assign an lfo to an instrument to trigger it? And then tweak rate parameter …

yes, if I’m understanding your question properly… keytracker assigned to lfo reset will get you there. Lots of potential in this method

what precisely are you trying to do? I (and others) may be able to offer more help :slight_smile:

Not exactly as you decribed , the situation is trying to trigger an instrument continuesly(repeatedly) by lfo when entering a single note and then tweak the lfo/rate to adjust the speed of the repeation .does it make sense? Like an arp doing a single note repeat .

No but you can do something with the repeater device and an lfo

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When you say “trigger the instrument” you mean have all the modulation envelopes trigger, yes? If so, you can definitely do that, but you will need to do your modulation in the effects section using lfos instead of the modulation section. keytracker to lfo reset is still your friend here. Then I would tie all modulation lfo rates to a single control macro and use that to change the repeat rate.
A simple example here:
lfo rate control.xrns (6.9 KB)

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In your example you’re just modulating the filter with an lfo , that’s not what the op asked for .
It’s not possible in renoise
He is bassicaly asking for an impulse osc (which has a variable rate ) to trigger envelopes , you can do this in reaktor , supercollider etc but not in renoise
If renoise could multiply two signals then it would be easy , you could draw you envelope in the sample editor (using only the upper half since envelopes are always unipolar ) and multiply it with other samples …but even that is not possible in renoise , except when using ringmod in the instrument sectin but then you’re limited to basic sine,tri saw etc.
It’s an awesome technique to create rhytms ,I do it all the time in supercollider , controlling the speed of the impulse with a mouse x-y control is awesome since it triggers envelopes that can modulate anything .
I made some far out stuff , especially phase mod and fm


This will help despite I have to remove all inst modulation remake them in effect section which will work

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This also works thanks! But no change in sound during the repeat period .

not with that attitude, it isn’t :upside_down_face:

you could hack an impulse oscillator by using a looping low frequency positive saw wave thru a signal follower controlling lfo reset with a gainer at the end to mute the impulse trigger (key>pitch disabled), then route that as a control signal to modulation of another sample (or set of samples), all in the effects section. modulate the pitch of the impulse trigger and there it is. Variable speed impulse trigger. Easier to just modulate lfo rates directly, tho.

hacky workaround, certainly, but that’s renoise, lol. But not impossible, afaict :slight_smile:

if I get time to work up a proof of concept, I’ll post it here

and yes, it would be AWESOME if we could multiply signals in renoise. Would be game-changing for sure


I made something really strange with this technique.
SayWhat.xrni (20.3 KB)


HAHA! AWEsome! :fire:

ya, there’s a TON you can do with this principle