Assign only group tracks to grid(pie) slots and tracks


I’m trying to fit GridPie into a live setup with a Akai APC40.

At the moment, all distinct tracks are bound to the grid columns, but I’d rather have only the group tracks assigned to the grid. That way I can make something like stems and start complete groups instead of single tracks.

I was thinking to make 8 groups with 5 tracks in them. How can I assign only the group track to a a grid column? So every 5th track? :slight_smile:

I hope you understand my question, thanks!

Thinking about it a little more. I think I would like to specify what tracks are under one column. So let’s say track 1-5 under channel 1, track 6-10 under channel 2 and so on. Any idea how to fix this?

I realize now that Duplex and the Gridpie program attach to native matrix. And this grouping or specifiying patterns in one slot probably isn’t something I can program in Duplex or Gridpie.

I ’ just ’ need to see if I can group tracks in the existing, native pattern sequence matrix, after that gridpie would bind to it. Any ideas? Would be great, I want to get the show on the road :slight_smile:

Yes. If you can do all of your effects and mixing in the instrument effect chains, you can use note columns within a pattern as separate “tracks.” If an instrument uses instrument effects, it can only play in one track at a time, but you can have many instruments using instrument effects playing in the same track simultaneously… It will constrain things, especially if you are using lots of chords/polyphony, BUT you could offload some of that work to instrument phrases…
Obviously, your instruments are going to need to be sample-based, and not VST.

Does this make sense? Tracker within a tracker, mixer within a pattern… Trackception
(cue Hans Zimmer BWAAAAAAHHHHH)

This does make sense man, it’s a great idea, thanks for that! I tried it out, saved the device chains from the tracks and loaded them into the instruments, which is a great workflow change, thanks.

But, (sorry there is a but), I can’t send metadevice output, like signalfolower out, to another instrument, I can only choose destination devices in the same instrument, or am I missing something? I hope I am :slight_smile:

Trackception ftw

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I think I can route my instrument to a send channel and signal follow it there. While sequencing them all in one track, with trackception.

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I did it man.

I have a kick drum that exists of 5 tracks. Deleted alll the notes from there, entered them in one track and routed the effect out of the instruments to my old seperate tracks. Now I have a group of tracks which I can move alll the way to the left, out of sight of my matrix, and have one button to start my bassdrum.

Thanks man, that’s awesome!

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Sweet. Glad it’s a functional workaround. I feel like renoise is the king of functional workarounds, lol.

I think you’re right that you can’t send it to another instrument, but you can choose a different destination track in the instrument fx section.
on the far right, where it says “output”
Maybe this is helpful/useful for you?

Thanks zensphere, I only needed to output my trackception track instruments to the tracks I already had, and it works already, for me.

Great! psyched to hear what you do with this newfound power, should you choose to share :upside_down_face:

happy tracking

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