Assign PC keys to MIDI commands


First of all I want to say that I have just discovered this sequencer and I really like it. Pattern sequencing is what I’ve been looking for for years and I finally find it. It is perfect for improvising live but I need to mapping the keys of the keyboard of my laptop to be able to assign them functions in the sequencer of patterns. I want to avoid loading with a midi device for only three or four assigned keys and, this is my suggestion -To mapping the PC keys to any midi command as do other sequencers-

Personally I’m not interested in having the musical scale on the qwerty keyboard.

Are there any chances of getting this feature or am I missing something from the manual? It seems that for now this feature is not available.


From your post, I figured that you are looking to assign some keyboard shortcuts to control the pattern sequence.

And that you’d like to use “single-stroke” key presses (no modifiers) to access those functions?

Have you tried opening the keyboard preferences? There, you can choose from a lot of existing shortcuts.

What you can’t do, however, is to replace the “piano” layout - these buttons are fixed. But that said, you should be able to find unassigned keys (hint: the ones that are neither black or white on the “piano”). In any other part of the keyboard, you can edit & replace mappings as you please.

Thank you Danoise for such a prompt response. I need to be able to assign a “qwerty” key to the start buttons (as in the image) in order to launch the parts of the song. Is this possible? I have one launchpad S but I don’t want to use midi controller only for 3 or 4 launch keys.

Thxs again.


Launch, as in schedule (blinking arrow) ?

I think the keyboard actually only has shortcuts for navigating to those sections, not scheduling them.

But you’re right, and they are available as MIDI mappings - so let me just roll you a small tool that does the same but has keyboard mappings which you can then customize.

Launch, as in schedule (blinking arrow) ?

Yes, that’s the idea.

I interpret jazz starndars generally of 32 measures of 4/4 is equivalent to 128 lines for LPB -1-. I organize as you see in the previous image. Usually an intro of 1, or 2 bars, 3 or 4 verses of 32 bars each and one end. I make a loop between the chorus so that the musicians or myself can improvise freely and when I think it timely, I finish. Renoise will wait to finish the current pattern to move to the next order. As far as I know, this simple but essential feature is not present in any other software. That is why in my case it would be very interesting to be able to map the own keys of the laptop or PC for control actions.

This program is simply fantatic for this performance. I always wondered why no one had thought of it. This makes it absolutely superior to other daws like eg. Ableton which does not have this characteristic for me is fundamental, something as simple as waiting to finish the current pattern or clip to move to the next order.

Congratulations and a million thanks

So, here it is:

7519 org.oscillity.MissingKeyActions.v0.1.API5.xrnx

It’s basically recreating the pattern sequence/section MIDI mappings as keyboard mappings.

You’ll gain access to section looping & scheduling of section 1 through 64, plus a shortcut that loops the current section.

Have fun with it :slight_smile:

I thank you greatly for the effort but I do not know how to use it and the truth is that I do not want to bother you anymore. I think I will finally buy an Akai LPD 8.


It’s simple enough: you install the tool and then the keyboard shortcuts will appear in Preferences > Keys.

Search for “section” and you will see them - prefixed with a tilde ~ to indicate that they originate from a tool, and not Renoise itself.

But regardless, a good idea to have a controller if you’re planning to Renoise like you described :slight_smile: