Assign period as a functional shortcut

Using 2.8.0:

Hi, I’m trying to assign period as a shortcut for “Clear current note”, but I get the following error message:

Is it possible to override this and use period (or any other key assigned to the Computer Keyboard Piano for that matter) for something else?

Not at the moment, no.

All the keys that trigger notes are reserved. The only way to map them is when combined with a modifier key such as Ctrl, Alt or Shift.

You have a few other keys nearby that might be suitable candidates, though? Perhaps ‘K’ for ‘Klear Current Note’? :]

Thank you for the response. Ok, I’ll try a different key or use AutoHotkey.

Any updates for this? I’m trying to assign Å-key to increase an octave on an ISO-keyboard, but I get that same error message as above.