assign vst insruments to specific keys

I have 2 vst instruments in 00 and in 01 cells. I want to assign the first(00) instrument to the z x c keys on keyboard and the second(01) to the v b n keys on keyboard. So I’ll be able to play both at the same time. How can I achieve this in renoise? Is it possible?

That would require writing a script that would send the keyinput through midi using a virtual midi cable. There is no instant native solution for the computer keyboard.
If you have two midi keyboards and you could connect both to your soundcard, then you could attach each midi keyboard to the respective instrument. (that would also allow you full scale control of both instruments)

If I have one midi keyboard, not pc, is it possible to assign half of it to the first vst and half to the second?
And with the virtual midi cable, are there some examples similar to what i need for the pc keyboard?
And as I understand I have to start digging from here right?

Not in Renoise, but perhaps with VSTHost or VSTBoard and the VST plugin Midi Polysher you will be able to split your zones.

In Copperlan i have my Midi input ports 1 and 2 from my audio-card connected to virtual midi ports 1 and 2.
Those two midi port outs i have connected to my virtual midi ports 3 and 4 and those midi ports 3 and 4 i have connected to my instruments in Renoise:

Now in Vstboard (i was fumbling with it anyway just to mess with Kirnu) you add two Midi Polysher instances into the program panel.
I picked the midi from Vmidi 1 where the input column was set to 1 and dragged and dropped it to the left side of the first Polysher plugin frame in the program panel.
I picked a Vmidi 1 Out and dropped it onto the right side of the first poysher plugin frame.
I linked the Vmidi 1 IN also with the secondary polysher instance frame in the program panel.
I picked a VMidi 2 Out and dropped it to the right side of the secondary polysher frame.

Open both polysher instances. If you left-click on the keys on the keyboard, you set the end of the lower range to block, if you click on the right mousebutton, you set the higher range to block.

If you want more split zones, you need to add more polysher instances.

The nice thing about this is:this also works during recording if you split your instruments across tracks.