Assignable Instrument Envelopes

So I was playing around with a song the other day and suddenly thought of how useful this would be:

Imagine if the envelopes in the instrument editor were assignable to ANY automatable parameter of ANY effect.

You could have a gabber kick that bitcrushes itself over time every time it’s hit. Or control a filter that’s placed AFTER a bunch of other effects.

With the current setup, it seems only possible to control a filter or distortion at the beginning of an FX chain. Which sucks because one has to automate these things EVERY time that said gabber kick is fired off.

I tried doing things like this with the signal follower, but that depends on just that: The signal. Sometimes I want to interrupt the signal.

Anyways…what does everyone else think of this?

basically this can be already done with LFO custom shape, but also this idea rocks.

Yup, especially when combined with a key-tracker device :)

A (very quick and stupid) example of what BotB and eeter are talking about:

When you throw a Hydra into the mix, you can really get an incredible amount of stuff happening all from a simple note :)

Nice. I hadn’t thought of that. Still…this just seems a bit smoother…

It should work well for an instrument DSP chain if there was one.