Assignable Shortcuts For Adjusting Default Input Velocity

Hey volks.

Could we have shortcuts for setting, increasing, decreasing, dividing and multiplying default input velociy for computer keyboard and override (or even scale) input velocity option for midi input devices like midi keyboards. Makes sense?

I would suggest this like this: set velocity to 8, 18, 28… …78, in/decrease by 4, mul by 1/3, 1/2, 2/3 and their inverse numbers. Or something, don’t care as long as it works. Setting would be the most important for me.

Auto humanize input velocity would kick ass too and maybe some way to adjust the amount of it.

And maybe a capture velocity key that captures nearest velocity on track to default velocity.

Good or bad?

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Very good idea. I’m all for it.

Me too. :)

Where are the scripting dudes? I guess this would be rather piece of cake. Easier than learning scripting for me. Some of them must be interested about this.

The scripting dudes can’t do this because the API doesn’t support accessing the default keyboard velocity value ;)

Oh, okay. :) Hope tings will change…

bump to this old thread as i’m all for utilizing the keyboard!