Assigning Multiple Samples To One Key

Hi everybody.

i tried to find this topic but didn’t succeed/

well is it possible somehow to assign for example 2 samples to one key on my keyboard?


You could use a vsti to play several samples/vstis at once.

It depends what you understand under “no”
There are two tricks that would allow you to do this anyway.
The quickest but space-wasting one:
If you would use the “Render to Sample” trick, you could play two samples / instruments in two note columns at once and render this part to the sampler.

You can assign a sample, VSTI and MIDI instrument to the same instrument.
If you assign a sample to a certain keyrange, you could for example also assign a VSTI sampler to the same instrument and load the other desired sample in there to assign it to the same keyrange within the VSTI editor (if it supports this).
This is another workaround.

Some VSTI allows you to play different samples simultaneously per keystroke, but would not allow you to assign them to a certain keyrange.
Also not every VSTI sampler is as cheap as the other one.

The only solution that would really fit your need is if a VSTI tracker would allow you to playa track or row that plays various instruments simultaneously.
I haven’t tried mr. Nash’s reViSiT in this concept, but this is probably your best bet.

ok thanks a lot!

well i guess it’s impossible without vsti’s well ok then!

in propellerhead reason’s sampler it’s possible but renoise is better anyway!!!

We’ll add it up in the concept-desiries for the new RNI structure.