assigning note FX

Hey, I have a stupid problem. Stupid because I’ve figured this out before and somehow forgotten it.

When I have an instrument set up, I can assign different FX to different notes/samples right? Yet somehow on this current instrument, I can’t. When I change the assigned FX chain it seems to apply to all notes. Is there some setting I’m missing? Can someone remind me of the procedure for assigning a particular note to a particular FX chain, in case I’m doing it wrong?


I think that if there are no sample fx chains applied in instrument then when you create and assign a new chain it automatically assigns it to all samples in the instrument, I dont like that at all, dont know why it is like that because then you have to select all samples (select first one, shift-click last one), set fx chain to none and only after that you can add them one by one.

thanks. But I just can’t seem to get it to work at the moment so that the first three octaves share a certain FX chain and the upper octaves another… I’ve done it on other tracks, but it’s just not happening. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

I think it’s per sample, and not per note range? Try using a copy of the same sample (could share modulation though) for the second note range and assign the copy to the other FX chain?

ah thanks, that worked!

I’m still confused about why I can’t assign individual notes to different FX chains though (when the same sample is keymapped across the whole range). It’s possible, right? I’m sure I’ve done it before – or does it only work that way when the samples assigned to the notes are different?

As of Renoise 3.0, a single sample is always associated with a single keyzone, and each individual sample can be routed to a different FX chain (and/or modulation chain) within the instrument.

A sample keyzone can obviously span multiple notes or octaves, but it’s not possible to split that keyzone out to multiple different FX chains — you must use another sample, as OopsIFly suggested.

In a future update, we will most likely allow samples to be aliased to avoid wasting space with identical duplicate copies, and then the aliases can be mapped to multiple different keyzones and routed to different FX/mod chains.