Asus Essense STXII users


I have some interesting topics to discuss.

It seem that the sound is astounding with this DAC…

You have one?

Yeah, sound is pretty good, but drivers are horrible.
I’m using 3rd-party Uni Xonar drivers, because native is almost alpha quality.
But the fact of replacement doesn’t help much.

ASIO 24bit mode simply doesn’t work for me.
And the most important part i can’t get simultaneous sound from more than one application.
I’m talking about ASIO.

Maybe someone run into such problems?

I used the xonar DX

I can confirm that the ASUS drivers are horrible

With UNI and ASIO4ALL,there were nearly no problem…apart the “simultaneous sound” problem

It seem that “flex Asio” is more powerfull to resolve some problems
I don’t know about ASIO2WASAPI

But I think you have tried this options before

Such a shame that this good hardware is “blocked” by a software problem

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Thanks for provided links!
I’ve used ASIO4ALL in the past, will try it if it solve the issues with “simultaneous sound”.

As for quality of software, it is pretty common situation.
With each year it becomes even worser and worser.
High level programming languages, crappy frameworks and so on and so on.

I reverted back to original drivers and installed flexASIO.
Although it doesn’t have any control panel with gui it worked (aside from ASIO4ALL)!

And it looks like that everything is working now:
24bit mode and simultaneous sound in multiple applications.

Thank you very much!

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GUI is not mandatory.
But you drive my day for sure.

oh, it requires net.core

.net is not a bad things

But with .bat or auto-It,it sure you can make things “lighter”

I was always skeptical about ASUS soundcards. Rebranding chips from Creative on other platins reminded me, when AMD took over the Gravis Ultrasound project.

Why do you speak about “rebranding”?

Essence STXII is not a rebranded card

If I remind,there is Burr-brown(so texas instrument) converter,and OPA(texas instrument again) preamps

Nothing block you from reselling it and buying an excellent budget DAC (around 200 dollars)

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