Atari Teenage Riot Live In Amsterdam

Anyone planning to go there ?

Can someone translate this ?

EDIT : they will also play in london the 12th of may

when is this? january 16th is the date of the post, and not the venue… right?

i’m going to Amsterdam next weekend…

W0000000T!!! To think I was afraid to die before I’d ever be able to see them live… :D
Currently translating the text for you :) Many thanks for the headsup!!

The date of the venue is the 3rd of May.

Actually, they will also play in London on the 12th of may

Oh, and even better… they’re hitting DOUR 15 16 17 18 Juli :w00t:

Quick translation:

Rough is a fitting word for the German hardcore techno-band Atari Teenage Riot. The band from Berlin became known at the end of the last century, with a rocking hard mix of everything between speed metal, acid, jungle and hardcore punk. Alec Empire, Hanin Elias - no singer can shout as fierce and ice cold as she - and Carl Crack were controversial in their radical politically flavoured lyrics and on stage. Their first single had the title ‘Hunting for Nazis’ and was followed by many albums and rough performances, defined by a lot of violecnce. After their last studio record ‘60 Second Wipeout’ in 1999, each member of the band fell apart in their own way. Carl Crack committed suicide in the most tragic way and the other band members each went their own way. No happy history, but it’s good news that the rest of the band is together again.

shieeeett :D

They are actually touring around europe this summer. that’s sweet.

There will be three dates in France too.

I used to be a fan of ATR and their side projects when i was a teen, I think I have listened to every DHR/Fatal/Geist release… and I’ve never seen them live… but still, I’m not really excited now about this tour…