Atarix "passed Dat Much" Dubstep\grimey Song

atarix “passed dat much”. new song exclusively on myspace for listening and downloading. its all for you. =)

p.s. written using renoise.

comments, questions and stuff welcome for shure! =) :walkman:

Probably too much of an US-hip-hop influence here for me to like it… ala the sleazy club aspect - the druggy aspect.

The beat is good, but straight away I thought I was boxcutter or burial. It still sounds fresh, but it’s risky because in no time it’s going to be dated (unless of course you invented the style).

Some harmonics in there are probably too harsh.

More variance in the vocal melody?

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks a lot for comments. Yeah…it was too late (4pm) when i mixed this song and i was monitoring in headphones which isnt a proper thing i know it. =)
And my ears were tired really, so i overloaded the song with vintage plugs…and the drum tracks were squashed. This song was just a training for me, to try work in curtain style (dubstep, grime).
I`ll fix it. Thanks again for comments ;)