Atarix -Start From Here-

Why do you release it under a Creative Commons Licence then not tick the Make Downloadable box?

i guess it was my mistake, i was not sleeping for 2 days…
thanks for telling me this, i`ll fix this.

Wasn’t meant as a dig, just thought it seemed a little strange, and I very rarely stream stuff of people’s to listen, much prefer downloading then deciding to keep or delete in my own time.

Was going to say no need to fully remove it and re-upload to get the Download flag, it’s just a tick-box setting, then I went to upload the tracks for the current Dead Dog Compo and noticed it seems Soundcloud is down and out, not just your track…

I like this, thanks for making it :)

The slow tempo and instrumentation really gives it a moody listen, it reminded me of Option 30 Ice House.

I’ve been a fan of atarix for a while, since discovering them on 20kbps. and i love shoegaze. shoegaze is dreamy

hah ) thanks mate )

just curious what sound you used for the kick, it sounds familiar to me. good tune, i liked it a lot. the only thing i didn’t entirely care for was the staccato piano note in the intro line. but the rest of the song completely made up for that. good stuff.

This is really good! Loved the distorted bass and the strings/pad that comes in. :) Not a big fan of the (over)use of the 909 open HH, though. Apart from that the percusion is well done.

i like the tune also

Nice another great track found on renoise forum :) Great psychill downtempo track relaxing piano :)

kick was taken from my drum library i collected for years, really dont know where i sampled it from. also its pitched down a little.

yes, this track was written just in 2 hours, and i had no normal rock drums on my pc, so i used a 909 hat. if you know some awesome rompler or sample pack, it`ll be great to know.

wow i definitely dig this. great track.