Atmospheric Pads Without Vst's

where can I get a bunch of good wav’s to use as drones and also to use as symphony sounds? I’m working on something with some glitchy beats and I want to use alot of ambient pads and even use some classical string pads to give my songs a middle eastern type of feel to them. If I am not using any vst’s how do I get the notes to continue to play on top of each other in one track? It just cuts off the note that was playing and plays the new note instead of holding everything together. I want to eventually move into using vst’s but first I want to be able to build a whole song from scratch in renoise. thanks

I guess you already read this part through:
Important part about the above page is the NNA setting which you should set to note-off or continue.

This NNA should be set for each sample in your instrument so if you have a lot of samples, this can take a while.

If you set your NNA to note-off, here is the environment where you can set the note-off behavior (like continueing from a sustain point if you use a sustain node in the envelopes):

Got it, thanks. Where’s a good place where I can get single note atmospheric pads and the like? I wish I could just pull all of the sounds out of absynth and tweak them in renoise without having to use absynth at all…

Chimera is a good plugin offering you some nice sounds and crystal can aso offer some great samples.
But why not use the render to sample feature of Renoise? That’s a way to pull out your samples from absynth.

I never thought of that, I’m a bit new at all of this still. So I imagine just hit a note and let it play for a while alone, then render it to wav and load it back in? I will have to go try that now…I’ll look for that chimera plugin too, thanks!

No, no! it’s a little easier than that:
Render to sample:Insert a note, select an area that the note plays until it has been faded, right-click and select “Render Selection to Sample” from the context menu or just hit the shortcut key lctrl+lshift+lalt+R

Awesome thanks! I don’t see chimera for mac, whats something similar for mac?

I downloaded chimera yesterday and I love it. woot.
but seriously yeah it’s one of the better free vsts out there.