Atmospherics - Type-A

(The Empty Self) #1

here is my 2nd song made in bitwig …still needs a few details

here is a playthrough

(stoiximan) #2

Great as always.Maybe that sharp synth needs a little panning to the right i can be sure i must listen through desktop speakers first.

(The Empty Self) #3

thanks for listen bro

yeah its still kinda unminxed and no master !! i decided to use my Soundcloud for feedback and use my bandcamp for finished work so idont have to use mp3 when asking for feedback

(lilith) #4

Awesome!! Totally enjoy it! I would pitch the kick a bit deeper maybe and add a very tiny amount of reverb?
How have you done all these giltchy sounds?

(The Empty Self) #5

bro i resampled a lot from different ensemble effects in Reaktor including the Boscomac ensembles and some wirings from the factory llibrary and then ue the sampler in bitwig plus the modulators which makes it easier for complex modulation chains

(Same Freaky Sound) #6

Very nice as usual :slight_smile: