Attack parameter for mpReverb + convolver


more modern reverbs usually have a “attack” parameter (sometimes named “shape”, too?) which causes a more slow or fast fadein of the reverb tail. Using this, you heavily can easily control the “depth experience”.

So I would like to request an attack parameter for the Renoise’s mpReverb, too. And of course in convolver, pre-calculated!

(And if anyhow possible, a “density” parameter, too :ph34r:)

Which one for example? Do you know about any free one?
I dont own any reverb with attack parameter.

Free ones? Hm… Ambience if you use the gating unit, Freeverb stereo wider… Dunno… :slight_smile:

Maybe a compressor or transient shaper would be a workaround.

Recent plugins that have attack: 2C Audio Aether, Vintage Reverb, Arts Accoustic, Reverberate, IR1 (drawing), HReverb (drawing), … Some name it “shape” or something.