Attempt at A Long-Term Project

So I think this next piece I’m working on is definitely one who’s backstory is kind of incoherent and vague, being that the idea was started from childhood memories of a sophomore bedroom producer who spends most of his time trying to re-create the same music that was made 30 years ago and failing miserably; and that the whole idea comes from that bedroom producer finding out that you can make enough sequences in Renoise to fill out a half hour.

So I’ll try not to ramble actually be concise.

So my next big project is a 31 minute xrni file of remixes, flips, and mashups of cartoons, commercials, bumpers, and shows I watched in my early youth as a sort of musical capsule of my childhood. With each track being based around a theme and elements fading out and in light a DJ set.

Riveting concept, I know, like mashups haven’t been a thing and more than so a meme at this point in age, but this idea has been bouncing around in my head since the beginning of 2020 and I’ve sorta flirted around with the idea in a few never fully realized projects and one remix of the Code Name Kids Next Door. I take a lot from my childhood memories and like anyone else i cherish them very much, that’s also the explanation for my profile pic.

It’s definitely a big project, but I’m excited to work on this. The first song theme, you can say, is based around the 2008-2010 sign off of Adult Swim to Cartoon Network. You can find it here

I’ll put the xrni file for the first song of this project in the post, if you would like to see what I’m doing and maybe find some samples or something else, “have at it” i say!

So again, pretty weird and surprisingly dissonant post considering the 30 - 10 year generational gap that this post entails, considering the motivation for this project, but this is something that means a lot to me. Though it probably shouldn’t, i mean nostalgia-filled sophomore who has no reason to have nostalgia considering that he has no real life responsibilities and the only difference between now and then is the school he goes to isn’t exactly “top rung” on the personality ladder. But i hope i could at least give you some insight, so if your still reading this, thank you very much for taking the time to listen, and i hope you enjoy what’s here.

To recap, The “theme” of the first song is based around the 2008-2010 sign off of Adult Swim to Cartoon Network.

It is unfinished which is why there’s an abrupt cutoff, but i think i have enough material here to be worth an actual post.

Any feedback you have regarding mixing, composition, or something else is 100% welcome and appreciated.

Without further adieu, here it is

I really hope that this doesn’t turn into another project where i get frustrated and give up, I’ll promise I’ll try my very hardest to not let that happen, no matter what.


Here’s the Xrns

Plugins I’m Using : Muon Tau, RX950, GGClip, Trackspacer

Very cool idea ! Renoise seems the perfect tool for this sample based concept.

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and thanks for the project file, really cool to see how you work

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Thanks, i also agree that renoise will probably be the best over other DAWS like FL Studio or even the DJ influenced DAW “Abelton”.

no prob, I’ll probably keep updating it as i finish more of the project.

It’s a cool project idea. Production music like this is something I’ve gotten a bit fixated on from time to time, though I’ve played with it a little, I’ve never thought to make a serious project out of extending it, so in the interest of creating some reference for myself I’ll contribute a list of sources that I’d probably use - mostly 80-90’s:

CEC “It’s My Party”
Hershey “All Time Greats”
Hershey “Whatchamacallit”
Coca-Cola “Always the Real Thing”
Paul Anderson: The Strongest Man in Recorded History
KOFY TV 20 Dogs and Cats
Heathcliff (& the Catillac Cats)
PBS Idents, 80’s
Double Dare Theme 1988-1993
Fisher Price 3-in-1 Tournament Table
Comedy Central 2000-2004 bumpers
Double Fine Adventure!

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That’s really interesting, it’s nice to get an insight and get different kid cultures of different time periods. Thanks for posting.