attempt at synthwave :)

ive decided that Land of Bits its going to be a

#synthwave #retrowave artist

Nice track mate, nice choice of synth sounds as well, but just a tip for pulling this stuff off with more authenticity, try to avoid heavy side-chaining and gating effects cause that was never part of the sound of the 80s. Having those effects in your track makes it sound very hybrid and modern rather than retro. A tip for drums is to use samples of machines such as the LinnDrum and DMX. If you want it even more authentic, they’d generally pump those drums through plate-type reverbs with carefully controlled reverb tails, just enough to make it crisp and lively without washing it out.

Really nice track though, and there can never be enough artists doing Retrowave. I just wish more of them would be more strict in what they call “Retrowave”, cause a lot of them compose tracks that feel retro in their composition (as yours does), but don’t sound retro in the audible sense, and very often it’s due to that stuff I just pointed out.

BTW, what synth did you use for the lead?
That sound was very nice and definitely worthy of a Retrowave track :walkman:

thank you for this super nice comment man :slight_smile:

well yeiii i kinda identified pretty fast that the drums weren’t on point for this genre

and i found out late that the Linndrum LM1 drum machine sounds were hidden in an ensemble in reaktor :frowning:

well im aiming at a sound similar to Scandroid …you know …Klayton’s project aka Celldweller and Circle of Dust

which sounds really heavy and modern but at the same time retaining the nostalgia in the synth sounds …:slight_smile:

like this sound for instance

butt super thanks for your advice i’m working on a nu project now …more faithful i think to the retro sound :slight_smile:

oh im going to put the project available for download in the Renoise downloads

but im using Serum and Reaktor .

ive decided that Land of Bits its going to be a

#synthwave #retrowave artist

Good move!

enjoyed this track

also check out OBS Studio :slight_smile:

enjoyed this track

also check out OBS Studio :slight_smile:

glad you like it bro :slight_smile:

yeah i use OBS for my tuts

Cool track I dig it. :smile: :+1:t2: I grew up during this time so it will always have a place in my heart. You did well capturing the essence of the time.

Here is my offering of some synthwave called “Gunner”

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heyy this thread is from 1 year ago i didn’t even remembered this tune :sweat_smile:

glad you liked it