Attention MACINTOSH programmers!

Are you experienced programmer in C++ on Mac / OS X platform?
Do you want to join Renoise team as a Mac Renoise programmer?

As you may know Renoise team is making a Mac conversion of Renoise. As we want to increase the speed of this conversion we’re looking for a good programmer on Mac platform.

Make sure you fall in most of following categories before contacting us:

You must be experienced, i.e. few years of Mac platform experience and Mac platform programming in object oriented C++
You should have skills in multimedia programming - i.e. graphics and sound
You should have ability to work successfully in team-environment
You should be self-motivated and be able to produce good program quality

The Macintosh conversion programmer will get paid for the conversion under the terms we will agree after you contact us.

Before proceeding with contact, make sure you have some demo programs of your own to show to us that will demonstrate your programming skills on Mac platform.

Are you qualified for this job?


Forget about macintosh, what about conversion to LINUX? (the poor man’s macintosh)

I’m sure that would be very well received. If renoise ran on my linux box I would be done with windows :)