Attic Attack - I Recorded Proper Instruments! Its Not Breakcore

Hey noobalicous here again

I hope you guys listen to my song, renoise users don’t only have to make breakcore!!! bleurghflip :o…ould-be-amazing

Don’t listen to my other songs they are shoit

this is really fun.

i happen to be starting my day with this tune and it’s putting an optimistic spin on things so far.

while the whole thing is pretty rad, the 2nd time the wobbly melody comes around it feels a bit old. it works in the first half but needs some sort of variation when it returns, something a tad bit wilder or looser (we already have the basic version in our heads pretty strongly). i think if you could nail that second half with just the right variation this baby would an A+ cutie pie jam.

and… you should open this up on the forum for people to submit vocal tracks (unless you feel comfortable doing this on your own). if you could get vocals on this?!? stellar…

thanks for the sound!

:w00t: :w00t: :w00t:


one thing though… the tinny strings that set in both times just after the WOBBLE starts… they didn’t really fit for me? otherwise, wow. just wow.

Hey mate thanks for the kind words, and i completely get you with the second wobble section, tried to add some guitar over the top but it didn’t really work did it :P

and i agree with you, vocals would be wicked, might try and do it first on my own and if it really doesn’t work, opening up on the forum would be a great idea.

cheers for the advice! :D

cheers, yeah, i justed wanted a bit of high end in there, might just go with a staple synth 1 soprano maybe…