Attn All Dnb Headz

i’m slowly getting into renoise and want to hear some dnb songs u made, esp technoid/neuro shit. i looked on the songs section and listened to a few songs (some links were 404’s :blink: ) but i especially liked a tune ‘kodi-indigo1’. also listened to vojeet’s ep. but i need more.

show me what renoise can do :drummer:

Here are a couple of older tunes of mine:


Lost in Bass…-lostinbass.mp3

Both could use a bit of remastering since I’ve learned new techniques between then and now, but I guess they’re not too bad. Hope you enjoy them.


anybody else?

both ur tunes are great.


dj hidden comes to mind. he’s commercially releasing dnb since quite a while.
check out his “GhostStory”, which was 100% written with renoise. (mp3 is unfortunately only 96kbps/32khz)
more music made by him can be found on his site of course.

btw, dblue:
you already know i’m a “fan” of sirene and i didn’t know of “lost in bass” until now and it’s not as wikkid as sirene, but definately knows to convince.

i know hidden. i especially like ‘amnesia’ some crazy beats there. and ‘ghost story’ is pretty sick too

anyway, seems like i have to start reading.

bring on teh tracking

check song release threads from botb and conner_bw, they both release good shit

I’m glad you like my stuff! :walkman:

Ever since I switched to Renoise, I liked the program and I’ve been using it to write all my music with. All tracks since Ghoststory have been written in Renoise - both as DJ Hidden and The Outside Agency.

New stuff coming up soon on Outbreak, Soothsayer and Killing Sheep. Recently released… Genosha 008 and Ruff-teck 65.