Au Loosing Settings After Re-Opening Song

Hi there,

I recently switched from a 32bit Windows XP system to a 64Bit Mac OSX system.

I am currently encountering a problem regarding AU plugins’ settings that drives me nuts:
When I edit an AU synth (e.g. TAL-Bassline), after saving and re-opening a song in Renoise the AU synths settings are lost. It doesn’t even remember if I chose a certain preset - it uses the first preset the particular AU synth ships with instead.

The odd things is … it doesn’t happen ALL the time and not with ALL AU plugins. I was not able to reproduce that behaviour with “TyrellN6” e.g.

Does anybody have an idea of what’s going there?


TAL plugins are also available as VST. Can you please check if you get the same problem with the VST versions, or if it really is limited to AU only?

Can you also mention some other AU plugins that are affected?

It would be great if you could upload an example .XRNS song which demonstrates the problem. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Simply create a new song, load a few AU plugins, change their presets to something different, then save the song and send it to us. Please stick to freeware plugins, or commercial plugins which have demo versions that we can easily obtain.

I suspect that switching from 32bit to 64-bit has something to do with it if this means that some plugins you use in your older songs have a 64-bit version.
Plugins that are only available as 32-bit should not pose any problems so guess these load ok. But you don’t specifically mention in your post if the plugins that cause trouble are native 64-bit or also still 32-bit only.And there is the other chance where 64-bit plugins also accept parameters that were used for the 32-bit variant.

Nopes, that’s not it. I did not use any songs from from my old Windows Setup.

MacOSX 64Bit, all the time.

I was not able to reproduce the bug with any VST plug in so far.

Yesterday it happened with an AU instrument again tho, this time it’s “Elektro II”.

The track in question is “kick”, all settings of “Elektro II” are lost after re-opening the song, it starts with the first preset in the list instead, check

Thanks for your kind help!

Any idea?

The bug affects any AU plugin I am using, not only TAL’s instruments. No VST has shown that behaviour so far.

EDIT: oops, sorry, didnt see see it.

As said in one of the posts above - check

Other AU instruments the bug affects are LinPlug Free Alpha, Camel Audio Alchemy and YMCK Magical 8Bit Plugin.

If I understand you correctly, you are using 64bit version. Have you tried to check if same thing is happening in 32bit version? I am only using that one, because not a whole lot of plugins are 64bit, and haven’t got any problems with saving, editing and reopening songs, even the older ones.

edit: after re-saving with my kick settings, song was reloaded correctly!


I tested the 32Bit version now aswell - unfortunately the same bug occurs.

Could it be something happening in OSX < 10.7.x only?