Au Or Vst (For Mac Renoiser)

i’ve just had a macbook and have putten my good old renoise on it. it’s crazy i’ve never had a computer so powerfull : so happy !!!

but i’ve a problem i’ve had a window pc before and never had any crash. but my renoise is constanly crashing. it’s mostly gui bug of komplete 7 plugin. in fact guitar rig is nearly non usuable. i’ve installed vst version of my plugin. but i was asking myself does the stability is better with au ?

in fact my question is should i install au or vst version of my plugin ?

This questions comes up alot, and has been answered alot. Read this thread.

As for a plugin crashing, you should write the plugin vendor for support?


thanks for the link but there is no clear answer in this thread.

anyway i think i will mail native instrument