Au Plugin Setup Routing Not There For Spectrasonics

So the title says it all. I haven’t explored this any further than with all the new Spectrasonics plugs (Omni, RMX and Trillian) and Kontakt. In Kontakt the setup routing shows up, in the Spectrasonics it doesn’t. I’m using Renoise 2.5.1, OS 10.5.8, PPC. Patches for Spectra plugs were up to date as of a few weeks ago. RMX 1.8.4d 32 bit. Omni 1.3.2c 32 bit. I read that the problem had been fixed in 2.5 but maybe it showed up again in 2.5.1. dunno. Maybe I should just download the 2.6 beta?

Edit: I just tried it on my MBP, no go either. OS 10.5.8

Whaddya think?



I have the same problem with my mbp 10.5.8, but it works in 2.6 beta 7. I have earlier versions of the spectrasonics plugs though…

Yes, this got fixed/improved in Renoise 2.6 already.

Very cool, will download later today. Thanks.