Au Plugs Not Working

is there a way to rescan the connection between renoise and my AU plugs folder like the way we do for VST? the waves plugs are giving me problems. all vst versions are ok but the problem is i have some AU instantiations.

also, is it advisable to have AU live in the same session as VST’s? i have done it before but it’s not working so well these days. heck, it ain’t working at all.


another development:

when i activate vst plugs in the preferences renoise hangs.


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There’s a GUI bug with WAVES 7 plugs, will be fixed in the future, look here.

In Renoise: Help -> Show The Preferences Folder, drag all the Cached*.db files to the trash. Restart Renoise.

If you can’t start Renoise to access the help menu, then use Finder or whatever and go here to delete those files: /Users/YOURNAME/Library/Preferences/Renoise/V2.6.1

If it’s still freezing, open /Users/YOURNAME/Library/Logs/Renoise.log in a text editor, paste the tail end in the forums so we can look at it.

Replace YOURNAME with your name.

Hope this helps?

thanks conner,

i’ve done this several times to no avail unfortunately.

i had a similar problem with reaper but fixed it when i moved the waves plug-ins to where the VST, VST3’ were. after doing the above and rescanning in the preferences in renoise i still can see my AU’s in the plug in finder :wacko: