AU Synth help please

Hey, new here, so hi!

I am trying to figure out Renoise. I can get a AU synth started but the problem is this.
I use the computers keyboard as a piano. But this only works when I am in the track where the instrument is selected. The synth is a pop up and when I adjust something I have to click again in the track to listen to the adjustments. So choosing the right settings is a hell of a job.
Am Indoing something wrong or is this just Renoise?

When the plugin window is open, have a look at the bottom left of the window. There’s a checkbox called “Enable Keyboard”. If this is checked, uncheck it. If checked, then you have to click on the pattern first (to un-select the plugin window) to start play with the keyboard. This checkbox is just useful if you want do numerical inputs or for editing text boxes inside the plugin. Checking the box prevents other actions outside of the window (if this window is active/selected) when you edit things in the plugin window with keyboard. So unchecking it should solve your issue.

Thanks! Didn’t see that one. It worked.

Sorry me again.

Tried it and it seemed to work at first. Friend of mine runs an older version 2.8 which is 32 bit version. In this version there is an message ‘No focus options for bridged plugins’ on the place where there should be the checkbox. Is it possible in this version to enable the keyboard?

This only seems to be the problems with certain 3rd party plugins (legal)