AU Troubleshooting: Plogue chipcrusher v2

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I’m currently attempting to troubleshoot a non-loading AU (chipcrusher v2.034) in 64bit v3.1.1 on a Mid-2015 Macbook Pro, macOS 10.12.6 (not the latest version - am not currently able to update to see if that’s the issue, but will be able to soon). Attempting to scan the plugin produces the following entry in the log file…

AU: Trying to open plugin:'Plogue Art et Technologie: chipcrusher 2' (aumf:PLGp:PLOG)...
AU: Failed to create the plugin (Error:-50)!
AU: Instantiate FAILED

…I’m mostly curious about what Error:-50 indicates in this context, so I can continue troubleshooting.

This plugin loads properly in Logic and other hosts, and I’ve also brought this to the attention of the Plogue devs.



  • Entry for chipcrusher2 shows up under AU effects


  • No entry appears